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Announcing Due

Due, the new wonderchild of the global payment scene, launches embedded wallets to facilitate safe onboarding of new users.

Due is the new wonderchild of the global payment scene, and they’ve recently launched wallets with Dfns to facilitate access and onboarding for the next wave of crypto users.

We’re thrilled to support Due in providing fair and inclusive access to money as a universal right. This strategic partnership is a stride towards streamlining the onboarding and management of digital asset accounts, empowering users to conduct instant, low-cost payments and transfers globally.

Since launching in late 2023, Due has been committed to facilitating fast, accessible and affordable international money movements for both businesses and individuals worldwide. Operating on a decentralized network that uses stablecoins, their platform empowers users with multi-currency accounts, global transfers and (soon) merchant services that are accessible to everyone, everywhere. Their fully non-custodial accounts put users in complete control of their assets, eliminating the need for traditional banking intermediaries.

With Due, users can benefit from minimal processing fees with rates less than 1% for international payments, significantly lower than the 4-6% typically charged by traditional processors. Settlement times are also much faster with payments being processed instantly in USDc, or in local currency.

The way they ensure instant global access is by supporting local payment methods in over 60 markets worldwide. Headquartered in London with a regulated VASP in the EU, and supported by a team spread across four continents, Due is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of global payments, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective for you to manage your financial transactions, wherever you are in the world.

"Payments is the killer use case for crypto we’ve all been waiting for. It's clear that we're moving towards efficient, instant, and borderless payments. Due is changing the game by breaking down the barriers that traditional payment processors set up, especially with their high foreign exchange rates and patchy availability. Imagine cutting fees from 6% to just 1% on international transfers—that's a huge deal for so many people around the world. Blockchain is now all about financial inclusion and accessibility."

– Clarisse Hagège, CEO of Dfns.


Onboarding Due starts with creating a vault, which gives you access to treasury management capabilities. Users can create vaults in under 2 minutes and manage digital currencies like USDc, USDt and others. 


Due allows you to receive stablecoins instantly or settle them into your local currency account with near-zero fees. You can quickly transfer funds to and from your digital accounts using bank transfers or mobile wallets across more than 60 countries. Enjoy real-time payments at a fraction of the cost of traditional bank wires. 

Below, you'll find a list of all the countries they currently cover:


Due is an exceptional platform for executing both domestic and international transfers swiftly and with minimal fees. They are deeply committed to delivering a seamless cross-border payment experience to businesses and individuals, particularly in emerging markets.

With Due, users can easily top up their balances from their bank accounts, mobile money, or crypto wallets and start sending money immediately. They can transfer funds directly to bank accounts at minimal costs, making it perfect for significant one-time business transactions. Today, businesses rely on Due to pay international suppliers instantly and optimize their cash flow. They can effortlessly reallocate capital to and from emerging markets without diminishing their profits. Additionally, Due enables companies to accommodate their nomadic employees by ensuring they are paid in their local currency and into their preferred wallets or accounts.

How to get started

  1. Sign up to Due’s platform by registering via email or connecting an external wallet.
  2. Create a wallet in a few clicks secured by biometrics or connect your external wallet.
  3. Verify your account and get fully onboarded to enable bank payments and more.


Due is seamlessly integrated with Dfns, combining advanced biometrics, robust recovery options, and MPC cryptography in a fully non-custodial wallet that you—and only you—manage. Due wallets ensure that you maintain complete ownership of your funds, providing the ultimate in security and autonomy. Users can safely access their account using state-of-the-art biometric authentication on their trusted device (Yubikey, phone, laptop, etc.), ensuring security that matches the convenience. Their platform also offers a variety of backup options designed to help you regain access to your account, should you ever lose your keys or device. It’s worth underscoring that Due is safeguarded by Dfns' dual-layer security model, thanks to which losing a passkey does not lead to losing the private key of the wallet. 


About Dfns

Dfns is the leading wallets-as-a-service platform in web3. Startups, enterprises and financial institutions use Dfns to create, embed and manage programmable wallets at scale powered by state-of-the-art cryptography. Since 2020, Dfns has helped ABN AMRO, Fidelity, Zodia Custody and many other institutions and applications to create over a million wallets. We’ve raised over $25M with White Star Capital, Motive, ABN AMRO, Bpifrance, Coinbase, Semantic, Wintermute, Figment, Motier Ventures, Hashed, 6MV, Susquehanna and other prominent investors.