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Deploy safe web3 wallets
with peace of mind

Dfns enables applications and organizations to create, 
manage and embed wallets at scale using a versatile 
developer platform designed for digital asset security.

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Dfns invented the WaaS category in 2019
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The first choice for builders who value security

Secure, programmable wallets
designed for developers



Our APIs and SDKs were built for wallet programmability and efficient implementations, enabling fast deployments and automation flows that reduce time-consuming development.

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Embed MPC cryptography to remove all single points of failure with sharded keys that periodically refresh in secure enclaves across a decentralized network of T3+/4 data centers.

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Create millions of wallets and manage peak hours without failing to assure 99.95% yearly availability rate thanks to our microservice-first architecture and cloud-based infrastructure.

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For custodial and non-custodial apps

Configure wallets exactly like you need them

We simplify blockchain key management so developers and users can interact with digital assets confidently. Dfns is a safety net offering protections against mistakes that could be irreparable.

Org-controlled wallets

Org-controlled wallets empower organizations with exclusive control over signing processes and transaction approvals. By generating the necessary passkey-based credentials for the Dfns API internally, your organization becomes the sole custodian of all assets in these wallets.

User-controlled wallets

User-controlled wallets enable companies to act as pass-through applications, allowing end-users to maintain control over their wallets and assets. This non-custodial approach bypasses the need for third-party custodians or intermediaries in interactions with Dfns’ decentralized KMS.

Not all wallets are created equal

Discover the most comprehensive
developer platform for web3 wallets

Embeddable wallets

APIs and SDKs for fast deployments of programmatic, embeddable wallets.

Programmable APIs

From basic (transaction history, balance) to
advanced endpoints (indexing, webhooks).

Blockchain transactions

Arbitrary smart contract calls and
blockchain-specific transaction broadcasting.

Versatile signatures

APIs and SDKs for fast deployments of programmatic, embeddable wallets.

Passwordless 2FA Login

Passkeys with user (face scan, PIN) and
business options (Yubikey, Touch ID).

Multichain & multi-assets

Support for 30+ blockchains, 1,000+ tokens,
and rapid chain integration.

Trust-minimized security

MPC/TEE, distributed storage, verifiable
code, and threshold recovery.

Regulatory compliance

Composable key deployment schemes and
custody-agnostic signing flows.

Infrastructure performance

Peak traffic handling, sub-second MPC signing,
and >99.95% annual uptime.

Everything you need in one integration

100+ supported blockchains and apps

From exchanges, staking platforms, tax management tools, KYT checks and more,
Dfns provides a suite of pre-built integrations to help developers scale from zero to one.

Account Abstraction

Build on ERC-4337 smart contracts with Dfns.

Use paymasters (gasless transactions) and bundlers (batch signing transactions) on Ethereum/EVMs in collaboration with industry standard smart contracts.

DeFi Portability

Send and receive crypto between any Dapp.

Don’t worry about creating silos—you’re not. Use our WalletConnect integration for direct calls to any protocol, or create EC-based signatures for custom payloads.

NFT Capabilities

From ERC-721 to Ordinals, we support them all.

Dfns wallets serve various NFT verticals–ticketing, art, identity. Integrate our APIs to streamline NFT transfer management and data indexing across multiple chains.

Scale on a microservice-driven infrastructure ensuring rapid signing and no downtime.

Sphere's collaboration with Dfns improved our payment rails by providing robust security, near-perfect uptime and fast transaction processing. Dfns' commitment to innovation and reliability not only enhances our efficiency but also sets a new industry standard, making them a vital partner in our continued success.
Arnold Lee
Chief Executive Officer


Solana-Based Payment Service
Top features
Most integrate Dfns wallets in under a day

Engineered with care
for developer experience

Streamline development and integrate our wallet SDKs in under a day. Get the fastest, most helpful technical support on a live chat that provides same-day response and troubleshoots your implementation all the way to the finish line.

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MPC is a revolution for security

The best wallet saves you–even from yourself

Dfns' risk model is grounded in the recognition that human errors are inevitable

Dual security approach

Per NIST recommendations, our solution separates applications from keys for easier, safer wallet management. In our model, two-factor authentication credentials unlock wallets while private keys are stored in a highly secure MPC network. This way, losing passkeys does not mean losing private keys.

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Programmable governance

The most battle-tested, API-first policies and permissions enabling both transaction rule-setting (including variables like amounts, time, velocity, frequency, etc.) and role-based access controls.

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Institutional key management

The most battle-tested, API-first policies and permissions enabling both transaction rule-setting (including variables like amounts, time, velocity, frequency, etc.) and role-based access controls.

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Why MPC matters a lot

Multi-party computation (MPC) protocols pave the way for the next generation of secure and resilient wallet solutions as they are uniquely capable of decentralizing keys and ensuring recovery.

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Zero trust, zero touch

Dfns combines defense in-depth with ZT security to eliminate single points of failure and ensure business continuity with multilayered protections and programmatic controls.

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Don’t trade off security for performance

Scale with the most reliable MPC wallets


Who said MPC was slow? Dfns can generate up to 10 ECDSA signatures and hundreds of keys per second using the most cutting-edge MPC protocols. It’s even faster with EdDSA/Schnorr.


Dfns has built integrations with multiple blockchain RPC node-as-a-service providers (Infura, Alchemy, Ankr, etc.) to ensure high redundancy and automatic retargeting in case of failure.


Dfns' SLA ensures 99.95% availability, translating to a yearly downtime of 4 hours, 38 minutes. We aim for 99.995% availability levels as we upgrade to exclusive T4 data centers in the near future.