Maximal security
for crypto.

One simple line of code supercharges your development with a bank-grade custody infrastructure that gives the freedom to safely scale across crypto markets.

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The sad state of crypto custody


Most custodians are storing crypto with on-site hardware they purchased from old school vendors.


Today's custody market is crowded with uninsured, unscalable legacy tech designed a decade ago.


Current price plans are outrageously expensive & deals tend to be scribbled down on a napkin.


Half-baked audits, no updates, no sandboxes, poor API docs & you don't even know half of it...

Everything must change

Break free from middlemen skimming value on your business

Get your own custodial wallet
infrastructure in a matter of days

Don't code from scratch a security set-up you won't maintain.

Supercharge your platform with
state-of-the-art cryptography

Don't let unmanageable on-prem workloads slow you down.

Scale inside the elastic cloud
with speed, power & freedom

Don't endure disruptive releases in a fast-moving crypto market.

Get the most out of streamlined
upgrades, add-ons & modules

A banking suite for crypto


Designed to resist systemic threats, state-sponsored hackers & warfare attacks.


Built to scale at hyper-low latency with best-in-class algorithmic performance.


Sparing you the labor of maintaining self-owned security set-ups, at the best price.


Providing light speed transactions via peer-to-peer mutual TLS mesh networking.

The beauty of keylessness

Security is paramount

That is why we say no to outdated physical infrastructures, no to cold wallets built on aging technology, no to single points of failure, no to flaws by design, no to key ceremonies—and yes to keylessness.

We have built a patent-pending MPC-TSS-based crypto-system on top of a decentralized custody network made of the world's most armored security hubs.

Simply put, we destroy the keys to make them completely unreachable for any cybercriminal out there.

Store your crypto
with total peace of mind

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