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Governance Engine

The safest controls
for digital asset wallets

Streamline governance by automating and customizing authorization workflows with policies, permissions and quorums designed to enhance your compliance.

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Expanding digital asset security since 2019
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The power of governance as code

Transaction logics that
cannot be bypassed

Programmable, observable controls are an integral part of Dfns
to ensure safe and efficient transfers of digital assets.



Transactions can be authorized via APIs or manual dashboard approvals, offering developers and organizations a secure and flexible system for building applications and managing digital assets. Programmable governance enables zero trust security integrated into wallet backends to prevent financial loss from human error.

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Dfns' governance engine offers a range of programmatic and versatile controls at the user-, developer- and organization-level, enabling granular approval workflows for all critical actions (e.g., transfer funds, add beneficiaries) and sensitive edits (e.g., add new admin, delete policy) within the wallet management system.

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Dfns' multi-layered governance matrix offers tamperproof, role-based access for digital asset management using passkey credentials, API policies, and TEE quorums. By streamlining defense-in-depth into wallet operations, we ensure all critical actions meet strict, verifiable controls, reducing risks of blind signing and internal mistakes.

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Control all operations from one interface

Designed with the world’s most
trusted financial institutions

Discover our policies, permissions and controls used by teams developing
custodial and non-custodial apps as well as treasury management workflows.

Programmable governance

APIs built to streamline workflow authorizations
for digital assets.

User-controlled wallets

Empower end-users with full cryptographic
control over wallets.

Org-controlled wallets

Maintain complete organizational control
over all wallet passkeys.

Permissions management

Assign specific role-based rights to limit
access over each wallet.

Transaction orchestration

Configure transfers factoring time, approvals,
price, amounts, etc.

Administrations quorums

Shield policies against attacks with API-
and TEE-based quorums.

Transaction monitoring

Get instant, detailed alerts on verifiable
transaction approval logs.

Allow-and deny-listing

Secure transfers with curated lists of
approved wallet addresses.

Segregation and omnibus

Integrate wallets that fit both segregated
and omnibus schemes.

Wallet infrastructure for all use cases

Compatible with any regulation
and compliance rulebook

Dfns enables apps to switch from custodial to non-custodial modes

using low-level controls that eliminate all single points of failure

For users

Give your end-users full cryptographic control over their digital assets and turn your app into a pass-through service. Dfns offers robust APIs that help developers provide end-users with a non-custodial experience without the risk of losing wallet access due to mistakes – from onboarding, to transaction signing, to key recovery.

For employees

Manage employee rights across your wallet backend with role-centric permissions and API-based transaction policies. Establish admin quorums to protect policies and controls from unwarranted changes and ensure cryptographic sign-ins to record all employee actions in tamper-proof audit logs using 2FA and passkeys.

For institutions

Get full control over your key infrastructure leveraging on-prem deployments in cloud-based TEEs or HSMs, should regulations prefer any specific geographical area or group of participants. Dfns' enterprise security leverages enclave quorum management, requiring cryptographic signing to access private key shares.

Digital asset governance as a service

Choose a wallet management
system that gives you full control

Remove human mistakes from the equation

Automate your approval workflows using triggering data and policies via API instead of relying on paperwork and high-touch employee procedures.

Ensure business continuity as you scale

Easily manage policies, permissionsand quorums for users and admins as you scale or face workforce departures to maintain smooth transitions.

Embed compliance into
each action

Automatically screen and match all transactions against risk profiles using KYT-powered policies that can block or signal any potential criminal activity.

Plug to a backend with biometric authentication to wallets, fast onboarding and safe transfers.

Tokeny's collaboration with Dfns provided our users with secure and user-friendly access to valuable digital assets. Dfns were first to introduce biometric authentication for wallets, setting new standards for security and ease of use in web3. Their drive to innovate matches our own. We see embedded wallets as a powerful contribution to our platform and value our partnership.
Luc Falempin
Chief Executive Officer


Tokenization Platform
Top features
Security is everywhere or it is not

A complete, multi-layered control
system for web3 wallets

Wallets are only as strong as their weakest points. The smallest breach in the most secure tool can lead to disasters. Dfns is built for holistic threat mitigation and defense-in-depth.

Passkey-based 2FA

Upgrade security and usability with Dfns' cryptographically-secured authentication service, supporting widely accepted second factors like biometrics, PINs, FIDO hardware (Yubikey, Ledger, Trezor, etc.), encryption keys, and passwords.

Smart contract rules

Make the most of our account abstraction (ERC-4337) integrations on Ethereum and EVMs for event-driven rules in smart contracts, enabling pre-scheduled transactions to emergency backup wallets if Dfns is unavailable or goes bankrupt.


Streamline transaction management with our powerful policy engine. Set mandatory conditions for automated policy enforcement via API or dashboard, ensuring all tasks get done and approved prior to transfer execution.


Import all business logics and org charts by inviting users, assigning role-based privileges, and maintaining organization-wide control over permissions to enhance protections against unauthorized alterations, safeguarding policy integrity.


Secure decision-making and fortify wallet backend safety by activating quorums among the root user group. Add a second layer of cryptography for robust protection of policies and role assignments either at the API or TEE level.