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Build on the most powerful
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Dfns is the WaaS (wallets-as-a-service) platform chosen by leading organizations to streamline digital asset operations and onboard users into crypto, safely.

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Trusted by leading fintechs and institutions in web3
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Build safe and simple products for digital assets

Deploy feature-rich web3 wallets
directly into your stack


Grow from zero to one and deploy web3 fintech capabilities, instantly.

  • Wallet API
    Embeddable Wallets
    Chain Indexing
    AA Support
    Tx Broadcasting


Import your business rules and compliance models into web3.

  • Execution Flows
    Admin Quorums


Select your key deployment scheme to meet any regulatory requirements.

  • KMS
    On-Prem Deployments
    MPC Security
    Host Locally
    Network Hosting
    Secure Enclaves
    FIPS 140-3 HSM
Integrated to the blockchain ecosystem

100+ supported blockchains and apps

From exchanges, staking platforms, tax management tools, KYT checks and more,
Dfns provides a suite of pre-built integrations to help developers scale from zero to one.

Discover the most comprehensive
developer platform for web3 wallets

We simplify blockchain key management so developers and users can interact with digital assets confidently. Dfns is a safety net offering protections against mistakes that could be irreparable.

Streamline transactions

Don’t lose time on transfers. 
Automate transaction workflows directly through APIs and broadcast them onchain as pre-built payloads—it’s efficient and hassle-free.

Build without limits

Plug to the most versatile web3 wallet infrastructure. Dfns offers a wide array of signature types, blockchain data indexing, transaction broadcasting and smart contract features.

Frictionless UX

Avoid unsafe key downloads and use 2FA with passkeys, biometrics, PIN, or Yubikeys. Recover with email, codes or extra devices.

Future-proof compliance

Deploy keys and services in the right locations and get ahead of regulations in the making from the US SEC, EU MiCA, HKMA, MAS, ADGM and other jurisdictions.

Next generation security

Built on top of state-of-the-art MPC and TEE technologies in a zero trust security model, offering superior fault tolerance and attack resistance in accordance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines.

Programmable rules

Import your internal governance framework with our API-based policy engine that enables control-setting and approval workflow orchestration.

Scale with power

Leverage the most reliable WaaS providing millions of wallets, high transaction throughput and over 99,95% service availability for fast growing applications.

A single REST API

Operate from a unified developer platform giving access to 100+ blockchains, 1,000+ tokens, and a series of third-party applications via simple SDKs such as Typescript, Go, Reactive Native, and more.

From banking to payments to e-commerce and more

Discover how leading companies build on Dfns

Integrate custodial or non-custodial wallets with zero extra development effort.

Dfns has enhanced our capabilities as a financial platform. Their detailed and easy-to-use APIs enabled our team to build a friendly wallet service for our users. Also, we value strong security and responsive support, and Dfns delivers both flawlessly.
Yondri Leonel Roa
Chief Technical Officer


LATAM-based Fintech
Top features

Automate configurable wallets, transaction executions and bank-grade security protocols.

We believe that securing private keys, and therefore custody of digital assets, is a strategic capability for the future of financial institutions. Having worked closely with Dfns and their team, we are excited to be a part of their future as well.
Edwin van Bommel
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer


Tier-1 EU Bank
Top features

Select key deployment options leveraging TEEs in T3+/4 data centers and MPC security.

Thanks to their collaborative team and institutional-grade wallet platform, we've enhanced our operational capabilities and widened our business lines. Our security framework has also been reinforced by their state-of-the-art MPC cryptography. Dfns has proven to be an invaluable partner in our mission to provide reliable crypto custody services.”
Alexandre Chateauneuf
Chief Executive Officer

Dux Reserve

Regulated Crypto Custodian
Top features

Plug to a backend with biometric authentication to wallets, fast onboarding and safe transfers.

Tokeny's collaboration with Dfns provided our users with secure and user-friendly access to valuable digital assets. Dfns were first to introduce biometric authentication for wallets, setting new standards for security and ease of use in web3. Their drive to innovate matches our own. We see embedded wallets as a powerful contribution to our platform and value our partnership.
Luc Falempin
Chief Executive Officer


Tokenization Platform
Top features

Scale on a microservice-driven infrastructure ensuring rapid signing and no downtime.

Sphere's collaboration with Dfns improved our payment rails by providing robust security, near-perfect uptime and fast transaction processing. Dfns' commitment to innovation and reliability not only enhances our efficiency but also sets a new industry standard, making them a vital partner in our continued success.
Arnold Lee
Chief Executive Officer


Solana-Based Payment Service
Top features

Access 1,000+ tokens and manage them with customizable policies and permissions.

As a regulated custodian committed to the highest standards of compliance, our partnership with Dfns has been crucial. Their security best practices, programmatic developers tools and robust infrastructure help us carry out carefully controlled operations. We also appreciate their team as they provide responsive support and sub-hour troubleshooting.
Raphaël Fettaya
Chief Executive Officer


AMF-Licensed Crypto Neobank
Top features
Integrated to the blockchain ecosystem
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Dfns' risk model is grounded in the
that human errors are inevitable.


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Dfns stands for Defense

Redefining what security means

Wallets are vital and require maximum security—nothing less.

Built by a team of world-class experts in security and cryptography, Dfns pioneered R&D in multiparty computation (MPC) and threshold signature (TSS) applied to key management for blockchains.

Pentested and audited on a regular basis

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The world's most advanced MPC protocol

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patents on
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