Sandbox Access Form

Dfns is a cybersecurity company providing wallet infrastructure for Web3. From banks to gaming studios, developer teams rely on our decentralized custody network to deploy in-app wallets that abstract away the complexity of blockchains and key management. Each client with a Dfns SaaS License benefits from a segregated and distributed environment, which you access through our API. By doing so, you can securely automate blockchain interactions (eg wallet creation, transaction signing, transaction broadcasting, smart contract interactions, etc.) and implement controls (eg amount limits per wallets, approval workflows, siphoning rules, etc.).

Before purchasing a Dfns SaaS License, we want to give you the possibility to try out our APIs. To facilitate this, we’ve created a shared, mutualized sandbox environment.


  • Get first-hand experience with our product.
  • Identify what we currently enable and don't.


  • This is a testnet-only sandbox.
  • You must subscribe to our SaaS plans to unlock the full potential of the product.
  • As this is a shared sandbox, we ask you to not create wallets through automated scripts or any type of load test as this could block other users from using the sandbox.

We hope you enjoy the development experience and share with us your feedback!
Any questions? Contact or directly reach out to your contact person at Dfns.

Please answer the questions* below and we'll review your request asap:

Which sandbox testnets do you plan to use?

Which ERC20 tokens do you plan to use?

I acknowledge with the Goals, Guidance and Warnings that were explicitated to me and agree to use the sandbox with full knowledge of its related risks.